Hatch Apps is on a mission to make software accessible to all.

We believe that everyone should be able to build high quality software, regardless of their technical ability.

A Tale of 2 Card Games

Hatch Apps was founded by Param Jaggi and Amelia Friedman in 2015 with the vision to build the go-to place for custom software. The duo originally bootstrapped the company by selling 4,000 units of The 2016 Election Game.

The original product, a no-code mobile app builder, launched in late 2017. After participating in the Y Combinator fellowship, the company raised $2.2 million from Morgan Stanley, Revolution Rise of the Rest, January Ventures, and several other notable investors. Using the same core technology, Hatch Apps has expanded to be a full no-code platform designed to democratize the software industry.

To self-fund the company's growth, the team launched another card game called Done With 2020. The game sold 35,000 units during the height of the global pandemic. Now all stakeholders get a copy of both card games.

Hatch Apps is a remote-first company with team members in the US, Turkey, India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh.

We've partnered with
Those customers have built
mobile and web apps.
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And fun fact: We've sold
card games.

Company Principles

Remote Work

We're a completely distributed team. All employees are online and available to respond during standard work hours but can work flexible hours.

Data Driven

Make decisions based on data, not opinions. We value operational transparency and honesty, even when things don't go as planned.


A-players are forces of nature: they get the job done, are relentless, and lead by example. We have a zero tolerance policy for mediocracy.

Limit the Noise

We limit company-wide meetings. Unless it's related to building a strategy, all information is shared via thoughtful written communication.


We strive for operational efficiency through modularity. Every part of the business, especially the product, should be plug-and-play for future use cases.

Don't be a Sheep

We take inspiration from companies that we respect but don't follow the herd. We're builders, not sheep. We Hatch (Apps) our own path.

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