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Empowerball App

Empowerball is a mobile first employee appreciation app that enables the exchange of gratitude and recognition in the workplace.

About Empowerball

Empowerball creates digital tools to enable organizations to support employee appreciation and recognition.

The Context

“Hatch Apps was an entrypoint for me to build a technology” says Liz Gibbs, Founder and CEO of Empowerball. “I may never have started Empowerball if I’d had to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars and hire engineers.” Upon learning about a more affordable and efficient way to build software with Hatch Apps, Liz felt empowered to build her MVP (Minimum Viable Product) and start her business. With the first version of her app, she was able to onboard B2B customers, and capture interest from advisors, mentors and investors.

The App

The Empowerball app is available in the App Store, the Google Play Store, and through a web app. Empowerball’s business offering is centered around their native mobile app experience which includes functionality such as:

  • Giving and receiving employee appreciation, including messages and emojis
  • Giving appreciation messages to individuals or departments
  • Reading public appreciation messages shared within your community or company
  • Searching for users within the community
  • Creating unique user logins, including photos
  • Authenticating users

“With Hatch Apps, I was able to bring my idea to life, and create and sell an app within a few months. For Hatch Apps to give entrepreneurs the ability to test their idea with a beta product is incredibly valuable. I can raise capital and generate revenue because I have an actual product, and I didn’t break the bank building it.”

“A lot of entrepreneurs are alone, but working with Hatch Apps is like having an extended team. When we are working through challenges, the team is so engaged and responsive. They respond in a way that is both prompt and thoughtful.”

"Hatch Apps does a great job of education as well. From their blog resources to personalized insights from the team, Hatch has helped me learn how to be a better decision maker, entrepreneur, technologist and leader."