Hatch Apps partnership with

Groupe Nduom

About Groupe Nduom

Groupe Nduom is a family holding company that operates a diverse portfolio of businesses and social enterprises in verticals such as finance, media, hospitality, sports, education and real estate. From Washington, DC to Ghana, their organization grows sustainable businesses at a global scale.

The Context

Groupe Nduom sought an app that enabled their community to register for exclusive benefits through their customer loyalty program. The resulting GNid Register app provides access to the GNid network, premium offers and enhanced security options for financial transactions within the group.

The App

GNid Register is the exclusive customer loyalty and identity security program for all Groupe Nduom companies such as GN Bank, Coconut Grove Hotels, Gold Coast, GN Life, and all GN brands operating worldwide. Features of the GNid Register app include:

  • Free form data entry (GPS, text, photo)
  • Data selection
  • Connection with Facebook
  • Enhanced security features

The App Management Platform

Through the Hatch platform the Groupe Nduom team can:

  • Send push notifications targeted to specific users or user subsets
  • Manage and export their data
  • View analytics and gather insights about usage and performance

The Impact

The GNid app has enabled Groupe Nduom to increase access to their customer loyalty program, as well as their identity security program. The app has improved efficiency and the overall customer experience by digitizing a simple process, and enabling their community to access relevant information from their mobile devices.

"Hatch has made the process of launching digital solutions for our business intuitive and incredibly fast, which is exactly what we need. The GNid app launched in a matter of days. The app is easy for Groupe Nduom customers to use and is getting great reviews."

- Chiefy Nduom, Vice President, Groupe Nduom