Hatch Apps partnership with

Job IQ

Educational App in partnership with Job-IQ

New and powerful educational tools (think: Khan Academy, Coursera) are transforming the learning landscape. Here at Hatch, we value the growth mindset and believe in a continuous state of learning. When a prospective client and entrepreneur approached Hatch about an app with curriculum and eLearning functionality, we were all for the opportunity to create an educational mobile engagement platform.

About Job-IQ

Job-IQ offers career development training for job-seekers, to help them understand their strengths and develop critical skills.

The Challenge

Job-IQ’s greatest challenge was creating an experience that was engaging and interactive, using educational materials that were primarily in PDF format.

The App

Hatch developed an app that brought Job-IQ’s curriculum to life, creating a gamified experience that motivates their participants. With the app, they can track their students’ engagement, progress and success. Key functionalities include:

  • Upload and manage course content
  • Track student analytics (ex: questions answered correctly, courses completed, speed)
  • Build multiple choice, true false and short answer questions
  • Gamify learning with a customizable point system and levels
  • Upload and store additional student resources for easy access

The Impact

The curriculum app has helped Job-IQ get their course content into the hands and minds of their students, creating a more engaging experience and a more efficient system. Additionally, they have learned about what works for individual students as well as their collective community, which has strengthened their offering.