Hatch Apps partnership with

My Online Therapy

My Online Therapy is on a mission to make therapy accessible. Online therapy with leading psychologists and self-care audio courses to improve your mental wellbeing.

By providing on-the-spot access to first class psychologists in multiple different ways, alongside digital psychological and educational tools, we want to put the power of change back into each and every person’s hands. We enable people to become the best version of themselves so that they can build a life with greater meaning, fulfilment and purpose.

We envisage a world where mental health is just as much about prevention as it is cure. Where the relationship you have with yourself is just as important as the relationships you have with others. Because when things change inside of you, they begin to change around you too.

Radical change begins with you. Sometimes it’s just about finding the right guidance to lead us onto the right track.

My Online Therapy partnered with Hatch Apps to build the first version of their mobile app that allows customers to connect with therapists. The app included payments, authentication, live video, profiles, settings, scheduling, and more.