Hatch Apps partnership with

Public Health National Center for Innovation

PHNCI (Public Health National Center for Innovations)

The Public Health National Center for Innovations (PHNCI) empowers public health departments around the country to drive change and improve health in their communities.


The Public Health National Center for Innovations (PHNCI) identifies, implements, and spreads innovations in public health practice. Through publishing resources, disseminating information and connecting innovators with one another, PHNCI works to address the health challenges of the 21st century in communities nationwide.

The Context

PHNCI hosted its first-ever summit for its members to share important innovations in the public health space and learn from one another in-person. Leading up to the summit, PHNCI wanted to implement a mobile app experience and other digital tools to improve attendees’ experiences and reflect its innovation-focused mission. By creating a mobile application for the event, the organization was able to share event information easily, save on printing costs and reduce the summit’s environmental footprint, and collect important feedback from attendees.

The App

Partnering with Hatch Apps, PHNCI launched an app that was a valuable mobile resource for event attendees. The app made it possible for users to:

  • Access information about speakers and sessions
  • Review additional resources related to each session
  • Access event location details and floorplan
  • Connect with interesting speakers and attendees
  • Provide instant feedback about the event
  • Learn more about PHNCI

The Impact

By offering an app for their annual event, PHNCI was able to improve the overall experience of their event, and meet and exceed expectations of attendees. They were also able to save on printing costs and better the environmental footprint of their event. PHNCI plans to use data and feedback collected from this year’s event to further optimize their event experience, and will be offering an application for their annual summit next year.

“The app for our annual summit was the first app we’ve launched as an organization. Because we are in the innovation space, we strive to understand what the field needs, and drive it forward. People are naturally moving towards mobile, so offering an app for our event was definitely the right thing to do for an organization like ours.”

- Jessica Fisher