At Hatch Apps, we believe pricing should be simple, transparent, and all-inclusive.
Question 1

How many apps are included?

Customers can build an unlimited number of iOS apps, Android apps, Web apps, and APIs for $2,499 per year. The Hatch Apps platform helps customers build the app in a no-code interface, export the code base, and publish the app live.

Question 2

How much does it cost to hire Hatch Apps to build my app?

We do not provide custom services to build or manage apps. We do, however, provide customers with a marketplace to hire vetted no-code experts. Experts can be hired on a one-time or recurring basis. Hatch Apps provides customers with tools to vet, select, communicate, and manage these experts from the platform.

Hatch Apps makes 30% of these transactions.

Question 3

What is the Services Marketplace? 

We know that your app is just one part of the holistic software strategy. Hatch Apps partners with the best freelancers, agencies, and firms to provide our customers with trusted services. This includes building a custom mobile app, web app, marketing website, API, back-end architecture, and more. When a customer purchases a service, we discount the $2,499 annual fee on each transaction.

Question 4

What components are available?

Navigation: Side Menu, Bottom Bar.

Buttons: Button, Image, Icon Toggle.

Basics: User authentication, List view, Text, Image, Eclipse, Rectangle, Line, Vector, Web View.

Forms: Form, Text Input, Date Picker, Dropdown Menu, File Picker, Image Picker.

Advanced: Map, Calendar, Image Slider, Social Sign In, Multi-Select, Dropdown, Star Rating, Progress Bar, YouTube Ad Mob, Banner, Stripe, Chart, Audio Player, Email Validator, Slider, Lottie, QR Code Generator, Countdown, Randomizer, QR Code Scanner, Stopwatch, Signature Pad, Random Picker, Twitter Timeline, Markdown Renderer.

Actions: Link, Push Notification, Email, Change Data, Conditional Action.

Question 5

How many team members can I add?

You can invite an unlimited number of team members to Hatch Apps with advanced permissioning. We automatically verify that team members are a part of your organization via their work email address. Once invited, team members receive a secure email to be onboarded to the Hatch Apps platform.

Question 6

How do I get in touch with my Account Manager? 

Once you sign up and pay for your annual subscription, you will receive an email from your Account Manager within 24 hours. You can also reach us at or Contact Us on our website.

Question 7

How do I contact support?

You can click on "Support" within the app to see options like in-app chat and submitting a ticket. You can also reach us at or Contact Us on our website.

Question 8

What are some use cases?

Hatch Apps members range from startups to Fortune 100 companies. These members leverage Hatch Apps as a trusted software partner to build mobile apps, deploy complex web apps, build cloud infrastructure, test ideas with designs, and more. Rather than trying to find a freelancer or agency for each individual need, members turn to Hatch Apps.

Question 9

What is the money back guarantee? 

We guarantee that you'll save $2,499 per year or your money back. No gimmicks. No catch.

Apps built on our platform would cost between $50,000 - $500,000 to build with a freelancer or software development agency. You can see more data on this in our White Papers.

On the Home page of the dashboard, we track how much money you've saved per year. If that number isn't more than $2,499 after 1 year, the platform automatically refunds you your money. We believe in what we're building so much that we guarantee that you'll save money.

Don't believe us? Request a demo to see it for yourself.