What is No-Code Development?

At Hatch Apps we believe that no-code development is the way of the future.

What is No-Code Development?

One common question we receive is “What is No-Code Development”?

No-code development is the ability to create software without writing traditional computer code. This is typically done by using visual drag-and-drop interfaces and pre-built templates that allow users to build, deploy, and manage software without needing to know how to program.

The goal of no-code development is to allow for faster and more efficient software development, while putting the user in full control. This is why the market for no-code platforms is at around $16 billion dollars, growing 25% annually.

So what does No-Code mean for the customers at Hatch Apps?

1. Our drag-and-drop components. We’ve custom built components for every part of the development stack and make them available for customers to add, combine, and customize with other components. Think of it like lego pieces.

2. Our proprietary cloud engine. We’ve built software that automates the packaging and deployment of your apps in the cloud. As you make a change to the components, the underlying code actually changes in real-time.

3. Our collaborative platform. We’ve built the most comprehensive platform on the market that has multiplayer collaboration built-in. Additionally, our customers access an ecosystem of partners and receive 24/7 in-app support— rest assured, it’s everything you need for your no-code strategy all-in-one place.

At Hatch Apps we believe that no-code development is the way of the future. Software has automated every industry, so we believe that, ultimately, software will also automate software development.